“They should fix that”

Cracked sidewalk

If you see this, report it at SeeClickFix

How many times have you said that to yourself in your neighborhood? Passing by that leaning street sign, broken sidewalk, pile of trash, pot hole, graffiti, or broken streetlight, what did you do next?

Did you expend the energy to start down a mental road thinking, “OK, it’s not a federal issue, maybe I could call NC DOT? Or should I call Wake County? No, this is probably the city government. Yep, that’s it…I think.”

Seeds of doubt are sown as you consider next steps…

  • Who do you actually call?
  • What are the chances you are going to get to the right person?
  • How many voice mails are you going to have to trade back and forth over?
  • How many days in order to actually connect?
  • Once you do find the right person, what are the chances they will clearly understand your concern?
  • Even if they do understand the concern, what if they immediately spill their coffee after your conversation and forget about you forever?
  • What if they quit that afternoon?
  • How in the world will anyone be accountable for correcting this problem?

Kudos if you care about your community enough to have even thought this far. It’s draining to think about, so if you are like me, you decide that it would be far easier to just live with the problem.  You then make a mental note to add this to your annual tax season rant that your wife so enjoys.

Guess what?

You don’t have to go down that mental road.  There is now a new road that you can take.  It’s called SeeClickFix and it answers or renders moot all of the issues above.

SeeClickFix allows you to anonymously report an issue that will then be posted on a webpage for all to see and emailed to the appropriate staff member within your government.

You don’t have to find the right person.  You don’t have to wait until that person is at their desk.  You don’t have to worry about how clearly your message was received. You don’t have to worry if you will be forgotten and you don’t have to worry about accountability. You report it, and your government has made a commitment to openly respond, follow up, and be held accountable.

Check it out. The “they should fix that” road just got bypassed.

Stay tuned for a future post on how to use SeeFlickFix. But if you see something that needs to get fixed, don’t wait. See how easy it is for yourself.

About Bonner Gaylord

Councilor Gaylord grew up in Raleigh and is a life-long resident of District E. After graduating from Broughton High School, and receiving his undergraduate and MBA degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill, he returned to Raleigh to live and raise a family. He currently lives with his wife, Ashley Barber Gaylord and their daughter, Gardner Hazel Gaylord in the Ramblewood neighborhood. He is the General Manager of North Hills, and a former member of the Raleigh City Planning Commission. Having grown up in Raleigh, Gaylord understands - and appreciates - the need to build and maintain vibrant, safe and healthy neighborhoods in District E and throughout our city.
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2 Responses to “They should fix that”

  1. Matt Harrell says:

    Dude the crack in that sidewalk is nothing compared to the sidewalks on my side of Harvey St. :). Great post Bonner!

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