Raleigh Loose Leaf Collection Begins November 14

From the City of Raleigh:

Loose leaf collection will begin November 14, 2011. The service is provided by the Street Maintenance Division, not Solid Waste Services. Crews will make a complete sweep of the city before Christmas.  A second sweep will begin in early January. Here are some tips to help the crews provide the most efficient service:

  • Pile loose leaves at the curb, not in the street.  The vacuum trucks are designed for loose leaves only.
  • Do not include tree trimmings, shrubs or yard debris.  These items can be picked up on the scheduled yard waste collection day.
  • Keep leaf piles away from fire hydrants and water meter boxes.
  • Leaves may be collected as part of weekly curbside yard waste collection but only if they are prepared according to Solid Waste Serivces’ guidelines.
  • Do not put leaves or other yard waste in garbage or recycling containers.

For the latest loose leaf schedule visit the city website www.raleighnc.gov and type “leaf” in the search box or call the Leaf Line at (919) 996-3720 for daily updates.

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I'm a neighborhood advocate. I started off by getting involved in the Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch program and helped unite other neighborhoods in my community by forming the Lineberry Alliance. I continue work with neighborhood leaders in the District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) and serve as planning co-chair for CityCamp Raleigh. I've completed Raleigh Neighborhood College (Spring 2005) and Leadership North Carolina (May 2007). In 2009, I lead a group of volunteers to review Raleigh's 2030 Comprehensive Plan. I served as chair of Raleigh's South West Citizen Advisory Council (SWCAC) from April 2010-2012. I have a genuine interest in strong communities, fostering diversity, understanding the issues, and using an open source approach in my work. You can follow me on Twitter: @jhibbets
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2 Responses to Raleigh Loose Leaf Collection Begins November 14

  1. Lobster says:

    When you write “Pile loose leaves at the curb, not in the street.” what exactly is the meaning of this? People in my neighborhood routinely interpret this as “Pile loose leaves in parking places, not out in the street or on private property.” If not correct, can you cite some authority?

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