NCDOT Closes Trailwood Drive Bridge

20160214_173241On Friday, February 12, residents in the Trailwood and Lineberry neighborhoods, as well as commuters, noticed street closing and detour signs on Trailwood Drive indicating that through traffic over the bridge would be re-routed to Gorman Street.

Trailwood Drive now joins Lake Dam Road as another on the list of Southwest Raleigh bridges closed for safety concerns. As far as we know, Lake Dam Road is not funded for repair. The bridge at Trailwood Drive was scheduled for replacement in spring of 2016 anyway, the early closure was deemed necessary as a structural issue was found during a safety inspection.

Update: A City of Raleigh official contacted me to let us know that Lake Dam bridge has been fully funded for replacement, but we do not have a schedule at this time.


Trailwood Road Bridge Closed for Safety Reasons

20160214_173135The bridge is scheduled for replacement this spring.

RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Transportation today closed the Trailwood Road Bridge over Walnut Creek in Raleigh “in the best interests of public safety.” The 47-year-old bridge was in deteriorating condition and already scheduled for replacement starting this spring.

NCDOT bridge engineers, who determined there was a structural issue while monitoring it, required its immediate closure. It is department policy to immediately close a bridge if there is any question about its safety.

Because the replacement of the bridge was already scheduled to start in early spring, no temporary repairs will be made.

Traffic is being re-routed on a short detour using Trailwood Road, Avent Ferry Road, Gorman Street and Thistledown Drive.

The bridge was already listed as structurally deficient and functionally obsolete, and had weight limits that restricted the types of vehicles that could use it. The new bridge, which is scheduled to be open within 390 days of the start of construction in late March or early April, will not have those restrictions and will be built to modern standards.

NCDOT reminds motorists to watch signs for construction information, stay alert and obey the posted speed limit.

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