Do you know someone that can adopt a CAT bus shelter in Southwest Raleigh? Maybe it’s a business, a volunteer group, a school, a neighborhood, or an individual? The obligation includes a 1-year commitment to clean the adopted bus shelter once a month and report any maintenance issues to the City of Raleigh. That’s it.

There’s a easy way to get started with a new web application brought to you by Code for Raleigh, the same folks that bring you CityCamp Raleigh.

Code for Raleigh is participating in a nation-wide campaign that ends this week. Our goal is to have 20 new bus shelter adoptions by December 8, 2012. Can you help Code for Raleigh achieve our goal? Check out the app and tell your friends.

Adopting a shelter is easy and you’ll get a decal installed on the bus shelter to highlight your commitment. Get started with this two-step process:

  1. Visit and find a shelter to adopt. Sign-up and adopt the shelter.
  2. Finalize the process by completing this form and submit it to the City of Raleigh.

A complete set of sign-up instructions is available if you need more details. Each shelter adopted this week will help Code for Raleigh achieve our campaign goal.

More details about the Adopt-a-shelter program can be found on this Triangle Wiki page and on the City of Raleigh website. On November 6, Code for Raleigh soft-launched the adopt-a-shelter web application, providing a user interface to the shelter adoption program the city initiated in late August 2012.

Can the Creative District step-up and help give a boost to adopting the bus shelters in Southwest Raleigh?

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