Lake Wheeler Road

Lake Wheeler Road

The study has been completed and the future development of Lake Wheeler Road is pending community feedback and city approval. The stretch of Lake Wheeler Road between I-40 and Tryon Road, (1.3 miles) has been evaluated and recommendations have been made, but your feedback is critical in determining the next move. The City of Raleigh is currently seeking public comment on the completed corridor study and the available options could determine big growth, fast moving traffic, a neighborhood feel, or a combination of all the above. Comments are requested before November 30. What’s the right mix? That’s what the City of Raleigh wants your feedback on.

Important! The corridor study should not be confused with the recent pedestrian and turn-lane improvements recently completed along Lake Wheeler Road. There are three recommended options that include a 2-lane road with a median, a 2-lane road with a center turn-lane, and a 4-lane road with a divided median (just like Tryon Road between Lake Wheeler Road and Cary). All options include sidewalks and bike lanes in both directions. I encourage everyone to take a look at the 11-page report that includes history, traffic analysis, traffic volume, traffic growth, peak-hour left turn movements, bicycle routes, land use, and much more.

Once you’ve reviewed the report, be sure to send your feedback to the City of Raleigh:

More information from the City of Raleigh

The draft Lake Wheeler Road Corridor Study has been released for public review with the following schedule:

  • Public Review and Comment Period – November 1, 2013 – November 30, 2013
  • Public Hearing to receive comments – Tentatively scheduled for January 2014
  • Comments and additional information –

The study examined a 1.3-mile section of Lake Wheeler Road between I-40 and Tryon Road and provides an overall strategy for the corridor. The improvements recommended in this study reflect the community’s values with respect to the character of the corridor and a desire to integrate pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users with existing motoring traffic along Lake Wheeler Road. The full recommendations of this corridor study will be considered for funding in the City’s Capital Improvement Program for future design, right-of-way, and construction of the planned improvements.

Study Background

In November 2011 staff from the Office of Transportation Planning, Urban Design Center, and Public Works Department conducted a community design workshop for the Lake Wheeler Road Corridor from I-40 to Tryon Road with local business owners and area residents. The purpose of the workshop was to develop are long-range vision for the Lake Wheeler Road Corridor and allow participants to review and discuss various cross-sections alternatives and intersection improvements that would enhance the capacity of the corridor to adequately and safely accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists while preserving community character.


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