To do

The editors of this site want this community to be all things great about south west Raleigh–and that means by south west Raleighites. We can’t do it all ourselves–so we’ll need some help from all of you.

This is our to do list. In true community building fashion, we’ve made a list of some of the things that need to be done with the site. This is where you come in. If you see an item without a name next to it below, that means it’s an opportunity for you to pitch in and help out. Get some street credit and earn some reputation and respect from your community for your talents.

If you have a skill set and want to show off your talents, contact the editors and let us know what you’d like to assist with. We’re happy to sign you up.

Website and social media

We are looking for people familiar with WordPress and others saavy in social media to lend a hand. The editors aren’t on the Internet 24×7, but with more moderators and people helping out, it enhances the user experience for people visiting this community.

  • A WordPress themer who could help find a theme that fits our to-be-determined identity (see below) and create a new theme or modify an existing one.
  • A person to help grow our @southwestral twitter account and South West Raleigh Facebook page. Help us follow the right people and retweet / post to FB interesting things happening in south west Raleigh.
  • A comment moderator that would be able to approve comments and monitor SPAM comments.
  • A person to manage an events calendar (that doesn’t exist yet).
  • Someone to help with email marketing, that would construct a weekly email with highlights from the website and upcoming events.
  • A Google maps expert that can help us created maps of south west Raleigh that would highlight parks, businesses, neighborhoods, the arts, and much more.

Identity and design

Are you a designer looking for some freelance work to enhance your portfolio? Maybe you’re a design student at NC State looking for a semester project? was started with a vision that this site would be community-driven. The editors intentionally started this project with parts that are incomplete. The identity and visual parts of this website community can use your help.

  • A logo or a type-face that can help identify this site and community. We’d like to avoid the typical Raleigh skyline view that other sites use. The color palette is wide open.
  • A header for the website. Currently we are using the stock WordPress theme and the image is 940×198 pixels. A chance to make a big impact.
  • A WordPress theme that fits with the site identity. Because WordPress and many themes are open source, we should be able to make a few tweaks if we need to in order to match the selected color palette.
  • A map of our defined boundaries and highlights south west Raleigh, but also shows the greater Raleigh area.
  • Imagery that we can use for blog posts. This could be a mix of photography and/or graphic design. See our topics for a generic overview of the types of things we’re writing about. In general, pictures of our communities, places in south west Raleigh, public meetings, city council, traffic/transit, etc.


We are looking for writers to help with the following “beats” and topics. You don’t have to be an expert in technology, we’ll help get your blog posted. But if you’re passionate about south west Raleigh and one of the topics below, we have a place for you to write.

  • Your neighborhood happenings
  • A weekly round-up neighborhood happenings
  • RGA, history and current information
  • Parks & Rec activities
  • Living it up on Hillsborough Street
  • Road closures / traffic alerts in the area
  • NC State beat
  • RBC Center beat
  • NC Fair Grounds beat
  • Farmers Market beat
  • Restaurant reports
  • Buck-Jones Road issues
  • Topics we haven’t thought of yet

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