Dorton Arena and NC State Fairgrounds Entrance
map of south west raleigh

About SouthWestRaleigh

SouthWestRaleigh is a region of Raleigh with its own distinct flavor and history. Many of its neighborhoods were built in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and maintain the feel of a story told through time. Other areas are experiencing a transformation to urbanity and modern concepts of living densely and sustainably. Sometimes called the Creative District, SouthWestRaleigh draws its vibrancy from the diversity and innovation of its residents and the richness of its communities.

SouthWestRaleigh covers an area of 33.5 square miles, or 23% of Raleigh’s total area. Its region encompasses an extension of Downtown Raleigh, both campuses of NC State University, and a number of distinct neighborhoods. The area is connected within and without by transportation corridors and punctuated by landmarks.  SouthWestRaleigh’s population has doubled in the last 40 years and continues to grow rapidly as the district’s amenities are recognized. is a City of Raleigh project administered by the Hillsborough Street Community Service Corporation.

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Pullen Park
Wolfpack Statue at NCSU Campus