SPARKcon –  Sep.15 – 17

Each year, SPARKcon features more than 2,000 artists in 200+ events. Each segment of the creative community plans their own “SPARKs” to showcase their talent. SPARKcon’s goal is to connect and educate emerging, creative leaders through training, interdisciplinary collaboration, and an open source structure leading to the creation of a unique four-day creativity explosion in Downtown Raleigh.

Each category, or group of activities, is called a “SPARK” (musicSPARK, fashionSPARK, etc.) and is organized by volunteers who create programming that best represents their art form, whether a performance, an exhibition, showcase. or interactive digital game. This open source leadership structure allows any organizer, talent or audience member to create and add value to the experience in their own way.

Lucky Plush Productions: Rooming House – Sep. 15

Join NC State LIVE favorite, Lucky Plush Productions, as they develop their newest dance/theatre work, Rooming House, which is set to have its premiere later this year in Chicago.

During a week-long residency at NC State LIVE, Lucky Plush Productions received the space, time and technical support needed to bring this play to life. In Rooming House, the company uses a complex game of whodunit to explore how we use stories to make cases for what we believe in and how we alter perceptions of what is real.

Attend this free work-in-progress showing and help bring the show to life. Your observations and questions will help shape the work!

14th Annual Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange “Unconference” – Sep. 16

A loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events. At this unconference, attendees will create sessions on the spot, making for an energizing and freewheeling exchange.

Share your Imagination, your Ideas, your Expertise. Come out and enjoy a fun, fast, participant-driven experience where you are in the driver’s seat. Pitch your idea to the other attendees and if your topic is chosen you will lead your own session among your peers! Alternatively, you can attend as an active audience member, voting on the sessions you want to attend and participating in other attendee’s sessions. Additionally, you can get connected locally with exhibitors from various City of Raleigh departments.

Urban Design Center Talks: Bold Ideas for Dix Park and the City of Raleigh –  Sep. 20

The Raleigh Urban Design Center and Dix Park Team have teamed up to bring you a series of lectures focused on contemporary and innovative ways to think about our city, Dix Park, and the relationship between the two. Speakers from across the United States will share their success stories and how we can influence the growth of our city in years to come. This series is sponsored by the Dix Park Conservancy.

Italian architect, urbanist, and educator, Ghigo DiTommaso has been focusing his research and practice on public space design for more than a decade. In this lecture, Ghigo will describe his approach to urban design through the lenses of the projects that have seen him active in Europe and across the Americas.

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